Nationwide U.S. Bank – Set Up Private Cloud Platform for Better Business Agility

Wells Fargo wanted to develop an in-house private cloud platform to be more secure than a public cloud. In particular, users with high utilization rates and stringent security/governance requirements prefer the private cloud. This cloud platform would enable the company to serve more end users and significantly reduce the number of IT platforms; reducing overhead in the data center, lowering capital lifecycle costs and consolidating in-house technical skills.


Wells Fargo was losing time in service requests and workflow process, which resulted in the loss of productivity, inconsistent application maintenance and increased infrastructure costs. Wells Fargo was faced with a lack of a technical workforce and the cloud proprietary platform knowledge required to implement a home-grown private cloud. The bank was dealing with many vendors leading to lots of customization, which was expensive with little reuse. Wells Fargo wanted to reduce infrastructure and software maintenance to automate provisioning and the orchestration of large numbers of servers, and wanted to create and manage the private cloud and easily connect without the lock-in of proprietary cloud platforms.


AKVARR chose OpenStack as the primary technology for a cloud solution, which required a mix of technologies from Python, Github and Jenkins to create a robust management and orchestration solution that could work seamlessly with each other. AKVARR adopted a set of processes and procedures around an OpenStack upgrade, and built a cloud solution in a multiple datacenter, multi region environment for use in software development, QA and testing, and cloud-enabling existing applications. Their first production cloud with AKVARR in OpenStack was ready within six to nine months.


AKVARR’s cloud transformation project enabled Wells Fargo to significantly decrease the number of IT platforms, which reduced overhead in the data center, lowered capital lifecycle costs and consolidated in-house technical skills. Through orchestration, automation and standardization, Wells Fargo has been able to simplify complex IT processes. It has dramatically decreased the cost of deploying, operating and managing infrastructure and workloads. It has increased its ability to deliver new features and products faster to market. It has also added flexibility in choosing underlying technology that enables developers to choose the best components for their applications and end users.