McGraw Hill’s a leading educational publisher that develops traditional and digital educational content and learning solutions for post-secondary and higher education markets worldwide.


McGraw Hill desired an innovative custom publishing platform that would grant instructors unprecedented control and customization of higher education classroom content. They wanted to replace its existing native system with a dynamic intuitive web-based system so that it can be more accessible and user-friendly. The system would be based on XML database to manage content to support its dynamic business operations.


Akvarr helped McGraw Hill by developing a back-end order processing and workflow system for custom books. Our in-depth knowledge of the company’s systems, as well as our understanding of its business imperatives helped us to implement a web-based publishing platform by using agile methodologies and industry-standard frameworks. We developed a web-based custom publishing platform to enable a rich user experience. The majority of application components were comprised of J2EE-based customer-facing order processing system, custom JMS workflow and Mark Logic integration API plugins.


Akvarr helped McGraw Hill achieve rich student interaction, which lead to increase in customer experience by 240%. Also, this upgraded web based system allowed McGraw Hill to maintain it’s first-mover advantage in the custom publishing industry,and allowed them to increase time to market of new products by 39%. .