Increased the Bank’s Sales Force and Marketing Efficiency by 13% and Customer Retention by 22%

The bank migrated a portion of its core banking systems to the Alnova platform. The bank asked AKVARR to assist with the data validation of a selected portion of the enterprise data warehouse database interface files affected by Alnova.


Due to poor data quality, the biggest challenges were a lack of data ownership and an unclear process which resulted in a multitude of log files and unsecure data providers. The impact on the bank was unhappy customers, and regulatory and risk concerns that could be caused by corrupt data or loose rules in data workflow or data inconsistency.


AKVARR reviewed the Alnova interface list, interface specifications, interface mapping documents, current QA processes and current QA tools. AKVARR used this information to develop the data validation strategy and preliminary schedule. During the implementation and integration phases of development, the validation team executed test cases to ensure that the data was mapped correctly and that it transferred to the legacy systems properly. Two types of validation were in scope: full-level validation and high-level validation, and AKVARR completed a file comparison and report results.


Proper quality testing increased the bank’s sales force and marketing efficiency by 13% and customer retention by 22%.