Meet Our Leaders and Founders




Position: CEO/Founder
Education: Master’s in computer science, B.E. electronics
240-500-1666 Ext 400

What I do at AKVARR: I’ve spent more than 12 years on staffing and contracting for technology firms. I worked as a business sales executive for a startup staffing firm where I brought in millions of dollars of revenue in less than two years, and grew the company’s team from two to 100. I’m a bit of a technology geek and have also worked in network administration, software development and ERP applications. My primary responsibility is spearheading and devising key strategies for AKVARR’s growth, and to manage the team in India and the U.S. I consider myself to be friendly, easy to approach and a rational thinker. I’m always on the lookout for new opportunities and initiating new strategies for better growth.



Position: CTO/Founder
Education: Master’s in computer science, B.E. civil
Phone: 240-500-1666 Ext 400

What I do at AKVARR: I have 14 years of experience as a developer, architect and sales executive for technology firms. Prior to founding AKVARR, I worked for Fortune 500 firms and a government consulting firm, and gained a breadth of knowledge in eCommerce and ERP applications. I’m responsible for sales and marketing strategies, and building a strong team. In my spare time, I like to take my dogs for walks and play soccer.