A major paint company is a leading paint and glass supplier. Headquartered in the US, it serves to several industries across the globe.


The company faced challenges in tracking and managing products due to its decentralized system and resource-intensive activities. They were using a legacy system with an outdated application which was not integrated with other enterprise subsystems. The lack of centralization and automation led to data inconsistencies across its labs, resulting in duplication of efforts and poor customer satisfaction.


Akvarr brought in ateam of 2 business analysts, developers and one architect, who collaborated with the company to analyze its current application and business requirements. Then we implemented a centralized solution offering a web application linked to a centralized database with consolidated data from different sources.The final application interacted with third party devices to facilitate easy data import and export, as well as records, maintains, analyzes and distributes lab samples and operating data.

The web application offers:

  • Sample creation and management
  • Easy data management
  • Application security


Akvarr’s implemented solutions benefited the organization with reduced manual efforts, superior data, optimized costs, enhanced efficiency and better customer experience. Since the deployment of application, the paint manufacturer realized the following results:

  • Reduce manual efforts at all its labs globally by 29%
  • Eliminate data inconsistencies and enhance process performance by 63%
  • Enhance customer experience by 130%