Clear2Pay is an innovative payments technology company focused on delivering globally applicable solutions for secure, timely and streamlined payments processing. Clear2Pay is now an FIS company, the largest provider of banking and payments technology solutions and a global leader in consulting and outsourcing solutions.


FIS had recently acquired Clear2Pay and needed to improve their processing of e-gift cards. With Clear2Pay’s current legacy system, they were struggling to keep up with the demand of large orders from some of their top clients, such as eBay. This challenge became progressively more difficult during the holiday season when demand for e-gift cards greatly increased. Clear2Pay’s legacy system was capable of producing 50,000 cards in an hour. However, customers like eBay were ordering up to 1 million cards at a time with an expected delivery time of one to two days. During the holiday season, this required Clear2Pay to have to completely shut down processing of all other orders for a couple days just to meet the single order of eBay. FIS needed to upgrade this processing system so Clear2Pay could keep up with the demand of their customers and increase revenue.


Akvarr helped FIS and Clear2Pay by upgrading their processing system to Amazon Web Services cloud solution. Our team of expert business analysts, java developers, and AWS cloud architects worked to meet different functional and technological changes to improve the rate of cards processed per hour. Daily scrum meetings were held to ensure that all deliverables were being met on time throughout the development life cycle.


With Akvarr’s help, and this new streamlined cloud solution, FIS and Clear2Pay were able to increase the number of e-gift card processed per hour from 50,000 to 500,000. Time to complete orders was decreased exponentially and more gift cards were being introduced to the market increasing revenue for the company. Every month since the completion of the project, two new FIS/Clear2Pay clients were merged from the old legacy system to the new cloud system, and now the project is implementing this process to all international gift cards as well.