Discover is an online banking leader with products and services that extend beyond credit cards into other loans and savings products, all of which offer our customers great rates and superior customer service.


Discover Card was looking to improve customer experience and lag times on the rewards program application of their website. Customers were complaining that this application was not working across all user devices. Also, certain functions of the app weren’t working correctly, including direct deposit of cash back rewards into personal bank accounts and using cash back rewards to make payments on upcoming bills. Due to the high level of competition in the banking/finance sector, the Rewards Program is a very crucial part of Discover Card’s customer reach and retention.


Akvarr brought in a world class Java Programmer and Quality Analyst to bring Discover Card’s rewards program up to speed. The biggest challenge Akvarr faced was not getting the coding right, or ensuring the quality of thedifferent functions of the application, but rather it was coordinating with other teams who were in charge of working on other portals of Discover Card’s website as well. Akvarr coordinated with onsite and offshore teams to ensure the coding was done right and working in conjunction with all other aspects of Discover Card’s Website.


Akvarr was able to ensure that all functions of Discover Card’s Rewards Program were working properly, and across all different end user mediums, including laptop, mobile, tablet, and even smart watches. Also lag times on the portal were cut down by 50%. The overall results of this project will increase customer satisfaction and customer retention for Discover Card.