AKVARR is a national IT services company that specializes in providing IT staffing and IT services for the financial and pharmaceutical industries. We attract and retain subject matter experts and have a proven track record as a trusted business partner.We have been recognized by Inc. as one of the "Fastest Growing IT Services Firms."


A trusted project based partner responsible and proactive in providing solutions. Quick turnaround of talent in remote areas
Joe Acosta
Directory ProEnergy / ProEnergy
Akvarr allowed our company to focus on our customers and owners. It was easy doing business with them and quality of technology personnel provided made significant impact to our projects.
Shanthi, Bala
Talent Acquisition Lead / Techworkers
Akvar is exceptionally connected to highly skilled IT talent and are able to appropriately evaluate their proficiency, candidly share skills and attitudes of multiple qualified candidates.
Director of Technology / Travelocity
Akvarr provides us support on talent to shorten our development cycle and complete project well within budget. I am pleased to recommend Akvarr to other system development teams.
Kamal Muthusamy
Technical Manager / University of Washington

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